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Initially conceived as a kind of cellar to conserve local agricultural products such as wine or cheese, Ticino and Grigionet grotti (plural of grotto) were often made out of natural caves.

Later, they were transformed in simple taverns, perfect for people to gather and relax in quiet hideaway places. Grotti usually consist of a kitchen and a generous garden with solid granite tables and benches, where everybody sits in the coolness of the trees, drinking and eating products of the local cuisine: homemade sausages like salami and mortadella, the vegetable soup minestrone, risotto, polenta and roast beef, a choice of hard and creamy cheese, etc. The Merlot is tasted in a typical boccalino or tazzino. 

(Source: Ticino Tourism)

Look at this video to better understand what a Grotto is.

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